Australian Counselling Research Journal (ACRJ)

ACRJ is a peer-reviewed international online journal, dedicated to high quality research in counselling and psychotherapy. It promotes practitioner-driven quality research informing practitioners and educators, from all mental-health fields including counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, social work, and education, about contemporary primary mental health practice. Contributions related to indigenous issues of other cultures, will be particularly welcome. These articles may highlight how the cultural context shapes practice, client experiences, types of interventions and other factors that are of interest to the profession of counselling and psychotherapy.

ACRJ is also an avenue for current Masters of Counselling and PhD students to showcase their research projects, including a reflection of their experiences.

Contributions will include practice, research, interventions, trends, and reflections. Each issue will have a section dedicated to indigenous issues.

ACRJ is the official research publication of the Australian Counselling Association, and is listed with the Australian Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). ISSN: 1832-1135

NOTE: The name of ACRJ replaces Counselling Psychotherapy and Health (CPH) online journal. Past editions of this journal will still be available online.

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A Common Oversight: Supervision of Christian Counsellors, Supervision and Vicarious Trauma, Supervision of Social Work in Australia: The Appropriateness of Including Administration, Demonstrating Hope, Compassion, and Justice: Supervision of Family Violence Counsellors in Australia, The Clinical Supervisory Relationship: An Australian Survey of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Supervision from Two Perspectives: Comparing Supervisor and Supervisee Experiences

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Counselling Regulation, Education, Supervision, and Representation in Canada, Counselling Regulation, Education, and Representation in Malaysia, Counseling Regulation, Education, and Representation in the United States of America, The Counselling Profession in the Philippines, Strategic Approaches to Managing the Development of the Counselling Profession in Hong Kong, Counselling in Australia: Counselling Supervisors' Views on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Facing the Profession

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Message in a Bottle: Collective Narrative Practice as Critical Pedagogy in Counselling education; A Conceptual analysis of a Model of Presence within the context of five Health Professions; In defence of anger: A misunderstood relationship; Demographics, Personality traits and satisfaction among altruistic surrogates who carry for strangers; Beyond Multicultural Competency: Pluralistic Multicultural Orientation Treatment (PMCOT); Exploring the Feasibility and Acceptability of BRiTA's Individual and Online delivery

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Examining how music therapists describe providing safety for children and adolescents who have had traumatic experiences: A Critical interpretive synthesis; "Student Perception of Creative Classwork in Counselling and Psychology Courses" A Case Study of Hong Kong undergraduate Students; Alzheimers - Implications for Counselling and Psychotherapy; A Case Study on Sex offending: Indigenous Healing in Qualitative Research; Being "Brilliant Sanity" - My Journal reflection on mindfulness practice; Factors in determining the development of problem gambling and motivation to quit gambling addiction among offenders.

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