Author Submission


Australian Counselling Research Journal (ACRJ) is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access, on-line journal devoted to providing leadership in counselling, psychotherapy research. ACRJ is the official research journal of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). The Board represents counselling and psychotherapy in a way that reflects diversity, and respects time-honoured editorial autonomy, independence, and non-sectarian views.

Our Guiding Values

The Editorial Board is committed to an equitable reviewing approach that offers assistance to writers and researchers through a systematic and supportive review of material. Articles published in ACRJ must in some way address, or be seen to complement, our guiding values. These values include:

  • The highest standards of ethics in research
  • Innovation and exploration
  • Sound research methods and designs
  • Cross-(multi)-disciplinary methods and implications
  • Professional and personal practitioner development
  • Cultural diversity
  • Holistic and integrative approaches
  • Equity in research
  • Support of minority issues

Although ACRJ cannot guarantee submissions will be recommended for publication, the goal of the journal’s approach is to help authors develop their ideas by working collaboratively with reviewers’ comments, leading to publication where appropriate.

Types of Articles Accepted

Articles accepted for ACRJ fall into the following categories:

  • Original research in counselling and/or psychotherapy.
  • Original research in allied health that addresses implications for counselling and/or psychotherapy practice, training, policy, or professional discourse.
  • Case studies, where ethical methods of data collection have been applied;
  • Critical discussions, reviews, and debates regarding the relevance to practice of existing research studies;
  • Papers that address conceptual issues related to practice in counselling and/or psychotherapy directly, or those that are related to the use of counselling and/or psychotherapy in allied health fields (i.e. philosophical, theoretical, political, sociological, historical, structural, critical);
  • Book Reviews

Requirements for Copy

  • Copy must be accessible and readable, and will present in a simple, clear, grammatically sound and direct style of English. As ACRJ is published as open-access to both public and professional readerships, articles must reflect a non-technical and non-jargon language, and include a small table of technical terms where these cannot be avoided.
  • Copy will be times new roman font, single spaced, left justified only, all 12-point font size including headings, and saved as an electronic file in Microsoft Word or rich text format (rtf) only.
  • The body of the article will include a header or footer on every page with the title of the manuscript and the date of submission, with page numbers on every page. The body of the article must not include any identifying details of the author(s).
  • The author(s) will need to fill in the online form ‘Author Submission Form’ and submit this form in addition to the file containing their article as described above. The online form will be used to record author(s) details
  • All articles (regardless of their focus or format) will contain an abstract describing the content of the article. Abstracts will be 150 words or less.
  • All tables and figures should be numbered and presented on the top of a new page in the text where they appear. Illustrations originated by the author(s) are accepted as digital reproductions only in jpg format.
  • Written permission from copyright holders must be obtained by the author for any illustration, table, or quote of more than 100 words published elsewhere.
  • Articles may be between 800 to 10,000 words in length. Where an article is of exceptional merit, up to 15,000 words may be considered.


Articles submitted to ACRJ will use the American Psychological Association (APA) format. An example follows.

Procedures to Submit

  • Prepare the manuscript as described above;
  • Save the file in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (rtf) – a function of MS Word and most other major word processing packages, including WordPerfect, AbiWord, OpenOffice and so forth;
  • Fill in the online form ‘Author Submission Form’;
  • Attach your manuscript file to the online form;
  • Submit the completed online form with your attached article.

The Review Process

All articles are peer reviewed by two reviewers.

From time to time, changes to editorial policy and procedure are necessary to attend to quality improvements. If such changes influence existing articles under review, authors will be appropriately notified.

The possible outcomes of the review process are:

  • Accept;
  • Minor revisions with recommendation to publish;
  • Major revisions with recommendation and resubmission;
  • The rejection of the manuscript.

Copyright Agreement

The Author (understood to mean the Principle Author whose sole responsibility it is to properly administer this agreement on behalf of any and all co-authors) hereby assigns to ACRJ (hereafter known as the Publisher) the copyright to the Contribution named above; whereby the Publisher shall have the exclusive international rights to publish in any and all media the said Contribution and translations of it wholly or in part throughout the World under the provisions of this agreement. These rights include without limitation mechanical, electronic and visual reproduction; electronic storage and retrieval; and all other forms of electronic publication or any other types of publication including all subsidiary rights.

  • Any and all publication by the Publisher of author’s work in any form or media is agreed by the author to be undertaken without regard for notification or permission by the author, and at the sole discretion of the Publisher.
  • All publishing rights consigned to the Publisher continue indefinitely, however, after no less than three years from the date of first publication by the Publisher authors may continue to publish their work in any form or media under the following terms and conditions.
  • Authors agree to not publish their submission in any form for a period of at least three years from the date of first publication in the Journal, after which authors are free to publish submitted material with an acknowledgement reading, ‘This article was first published in the Australian Counselling Research Journal, Vol [ ], Issue [ ]’ or in the CPH Journal. This acknowledgement can be attached to the end of the author's subsequent publication of the work, and under these conditions no notification to the Journal is necessary.
  • Prior to publication, authors are asked to certify that their work is submitted only to the Publisher and has never been published before under any form.
  • The Author guarantees that the Contribution is original, has not been published previously, is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, has been properly acknowledged and/or referenced, and that any necessary permission to quote from another source has been obtained. (A copy of such permission should be sent with this form if applicable.)
  • The Author declares that any person named as co-author of the Contribution is aware of the fact and has agreed to being so named, and has made a substantive contribution to the work.